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The Science of Sainthood is everything a Catholic should know about the Catholic spiritual life.

Featuring more than 100 Powerful Video Lessons on Authentic Catholic Spirituality, it covers:

  • Authentic Meditation & Contemplation
  • Catholic Mystical Life & the Power of Grace
  • How to Grow in Virtue & Crush Vice
  • The 3 Traditional Stages of the Spiritual Life
  • The 7 Deadly Sins & How to Defeat Them
  • What Dryness & Distraction Mean and What to Do
  • The Gifts of the Spirit & How They Work
  • The 9 Grades of Prayer from St. Teresa of Avila
  • and a whole lot more...!

"Matthew Leonard teaches the rich spiritual tradition of the Church with clarity. If you want to reach the goal of union with God and help others to reach it, too, begin here."
Fr. Ryan Browning

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